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Reviews for "Perpetual Animotion V.2"


that is really awesome! good job! and fun to watch!

Holy crap that's Awesome!

Wow! I can't stop staring at it, what happens to some of them is hilarious! This is just AWESOME! Well Done, perfect music ,and must have been extremely difficult to do. THIS SHOULD BE FRONT PAGE!!! It's so fascinating to watch!
TWO BELOW!(Well Three but i won't go into details)

First page material.

This ones going into my favorites. i think its beautiful i loved the loop. The way the animation was and how eerie the music lead on, it was very creepy, yet it was harmonizing. i loved it omg thanks for making this you made my day literally, please make a diffrent one SOON!

That is some scarily detailed shit

Nice one!

Yeah i liked it

Wow i liked that a lot. I'm goin with the person who reviewed before me you should color code the people. otherwise it was really good. kinda hypnotising if you kno what i mean. right?