Reviews for "Burning Summer"


HOLLY SHIT YOU KNOW ALOT OF PPL!!!! anyways awsome job on the song i love it

I'm flattered

Yay I made the list! Anyways, I loved the song. Everybody seems to so no surprise. Sorry for not reviewing earlier, didn't check. The tune was awesome as usual, the bass could have had a bit more in the song, the beginning of the song was cool but everything sounded a little dry (sorry, no better word comes to mind, I'm not a music artist) but that was probably how you wanted it and to be honest, it worked pretty well. I thought that at times it could get a little bit repetitive but it was such a tiny little feeling that it really doesn't affect the quality of the song. I loved the part around the middle of the song, I thought that part had the most variation and everything working together and everything in general. You didn't fail to disappoint so I'm happy. Great Song! 5/5 all the way. Btw, did you just take the 5 team members and add a few artists for the list?

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for another great review :D
The 5 team is dead, killed by this site's pathetic attitude.
The list is about every person I know/like on this site :)

Great work!

this is the sort of song that could've been played at clubs and everyone would love it!

Not much to say besides: awesome dance/rave music!!!


This song is amazing...Where can I find more dance songs like these? I love these type of rave songs. They are epic.


From the first beat I heard I was hooked, I immediately hit the save button. Excellent work! I'm checking out your other stuff.