Reviews for "Burning Summer"

This is great

good song its not messy and just right beats into it and its a dance song to good job

great work =)

This is a harder remix of a song from Madonna - What it Feels Like for a Girl

I think =D

great Work

I especially love the bell-synth in the end

greetz Sema

Cheers mate!

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Like Ghonorrhea?

Nah, just joking. It's got a real upbeatness too it. (if i had better quality speakers i'd probably enjoy it alot more.) It sounds like something you could hear at a proffesional club (in my opinion.) You've got talent.

5/5 9/10 DL'd

Burning down the house!!

Energy fills the air with this song. Very well mixed. Hot feeling is there for sure.

It's the best happy dance song I've heard in a long time. The beat is nothing else than perfect for a summer song. Transitions are goods makes the music flow pretty well. There is a lot of energy which bring the music to another level. The piano kind of sound is really good for summer sound, I think, and you've done it beautifully. The melody you've put up his lively and full of joy.

Overall, it's beautifull and very good. You are one talented guy, that's for sure. I've just discovered your music and I count on you to make me discover other great songs. Keep the good work, I'm sure you'll do well on other sites.

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the kind words!!

OMG TECHNO POWER!!!!!!1 (lol)

its half techno

I LIKE IT !!!!!!