Reviews for "Burning Summer"


This was yarp worthy, Yea boi! Stays nice and has a good power to it, Kriz, amazing mate just amazing


Nice tune.

It stays in my head, but not in a bad way. Keep up the good work! :D

Even with me Being a Metal Head,

I still love this song. Very up beat and awesome :3


From start to finish the song was really great, it had a very nice amount of energy flowing through it, even at the "Slower" parts. My one downthought about this is the bassline, it seems dull to me. It would be nice if you changed it up a bit if you were to ever redo this (which you shouldn't have too, it's wonderful.).

All those people should be honoured to have a song like this dedicated to them.


I must say, I've reviewed a few of your songs, many of them being fantastic.

And this one, well,

this track lived up to your name.

10/10 for more awesomeness. You're work never ever ever gets old!

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the review ^^