Reviews for "Burning Summer"

Best remix on Newgrounds.

Nuff said.

Kr1z responds:


If you like this style, you might wanna take a look at me and F-777 's album release!
Info in our newspost ;)



Brilliant Dance song, capatures the best of the electronic !


just amazing. i love this song! i cant stop listening!!!!! i should check out the original, by flaming firebolt (thanx tomarathon). 11/10


Epic synsthsyser! At least I think thats how you spell it

Original Artist = Flaming Firebolt

A good remix, I think it's a remix from Flaming Firebolt's Endless Summer, you should check it out. He's somewhere on newgrounds too, I think, but here's a link to a YouTube vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VZBD3 n41iA

So yeah, there you go. I think that's the original, it sure sounds like this. Good luck, keep on with the good stuff!

Kr1z responds:

I know the song very well :) It has similar elements, i.e. the instruments (saw lead & piano intro), yet the chords & the melodies are nothing like his.