Reviews for "Burning Summer"

What a cool song!!!!

So happy and free just the music I like!!!


pretty funky! really gets me dancing! great job!

Kr1z responds:

Thank you very much :)
If you like this style, you'll probably like the songs on the album I and F-777 recently released!

More info on my newspost :)



i like how you ripped down that guy bellow me for saying it was terrible.
meh its ok i gess, but not awful.

Kr1z responds:

The reviewer below was so funny :D
One should never take such reviews serious :)

Cheers ;)

Great song

This is a great song. The only reason why i don't give it a ten is because it doesn't feel like it has enough depth. It starts out strong but somewhere in it it loses that depth and feel.

It makes me feel awesome.

I LOVE it. Nuff said.