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Reviews for "Burning Summer"


I heard this a long time before i actually knew about newgrounds, and i could only dream about ever having it...Now i do and i'm so happy! I can't do anything else than give instant 10/10 and 5/5. It's just too awesome for anything lower.

Best ever

I've heard many techno songs but this is by far the best ever.

A Newgrounds classic.

Everyone knows this song. This is actually how I found out about Newgrounds :D
Uh, what can I say? It's awesome. SUPER awesome. I wish I had your skill @_@
Keep up the good work dude :D

DL'd a long time ago. :D
Oh yeah, I guess I'll add you as a fav artist too.

Just fantastic.

I use this to enliven my life as background music. Sounds AWESOME through skullcandy headphones. Also, i love you. Next time you need to poop, please save some in a jar, freeze it, and send it to me. Or at least a picture. Something.
7/5 -- 14/10


i love that song