Reviews for "Burning Summer"

A different feel to it...

Its got quite a different feel to this song compared to the other songs from the "Burning" series, but its got what it takes to BE in the "Burning" series as well! Its heavier on the synth than the other songs but I think that's a nice touch to it. Overall this song was amazing and worth yet another download!

Good reason to dance now ;D

Gonna shuffle now cuz of this!

Great work on the melody, liked it.


this music rocks, keep it up

wait a bit...

dont get me wrong, You have skill my friend... But if you want to get anywhere with hardstyle, Your going to need to add ALOT more bass and maybe a few more synths. As for your song, Add more independent tunes, you have quite a few in there already but Mix it up a bit. Like the piano in the Begining of the song. Try and elaborate on that a bit more...

Listen to my songs if you want, they were featured in the "Hardstyle Republic 2005" album if im not mistaken.

Anywhoo, Great Song!

Kr1z responds:

Hehe, Thanks for the tips man!!
I'm not trying to get signed though, im just enjoying what i write and as long as u ppl enjoy it too, im continuing..
And I know, this AINT hardstyle, its just dance.

Haha im cool? xD

LOL awesome im cool! *Goes to write in my unicorn diary* xD

But this was an incredibly cool trance/dance track, i think your synth sounds make it a trance song, but the mood and the feeling of the songs sets it to be a dance song, it can be danced to if you will x)

I enjoyed the melodies and the construction/build ups/bridges/transitions etc etc were very well made, the whole song is in general a VERY good song, proffesional quality, as almost all your newer songs are!

Current Score
4.55 / 5.00 (+ 0.011)


This will be going to my fav list, and im hoping for a top 5 on this one =)

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

Kr1z responds:

Well theres no top5 possible, since this song has been posted like 10 days ago :(

Ahwell, perhaps a top30 :^)
And thanks for the awesome review man!!