Reviews for "Burning Summer"


This song is excelent, when i played the game and heard this song i started dancing like crazy (and playing) LOL. Keep up the good work man:)

very awesome

i think its very fast paced and I like that so keep up the good work


if you aren't going for a sort of happy hardcore then this is really good actually, though the friggin lead and other main parts are very happy, whatevs it's good music

Pretty good

Good enough for downloading. Sorry im not the guy who spreads 10's and i think this is worth a 8. Im missing side instruments mostly. But the theme/tune is great.
Keep it up.

Kr1z responds:


yo dude :D

That's an awezome track you got there :) visit me again if you want :P you reviewed one of my songs. maybe 1 year ago :P

Kr1z responds:

x-D Thx