Reviews for "Burning Summer"

I love it!

But I don't know what it is missing... It just need SOMETHING to make it a 10... Perhaps one of my favored piano moments in the middle... The synth fades, the drums are muffled and the piano comes in, nice, strong, and harmonious.

Yeah, that is what it needs.

Kr1z responds:

Thanks ;-)

:D :D

I like your most recent remix better but this still sounds nice and it was on the top rated so i had to check it out. What synths did you use? They fit together perfectly!!

Kr1z responds:

The synths are layered & mod'ed instruments from Nexus


Im at a loss for words, I really am. This is just to brilliant to describe for me. Its a crime not rating this 5/5. Only thing i wanna say about it though: The ending is kinda sudden and i actually felt sad for a second when it stopped like that :/

P.S How have i NOT seen this before?!!?!

Kr1z responds:

Thanks for the review :D ^^

one word. awesomenes

is there a way i can get this on my itunes? I LOVE IT!!!!

Kr1z responds:

Sure, click the floppy disc icon, it downloads the mp3 for free


all i can say