Reviews for "Megaman X OLB ep.3"

Nice job...Well done....

Unique story line...Nice sound....Great action....This is almost perfect...

Nice use of Vile-lore

That was definately awesome. I love the action. And Vile is one of my favorite villians in MMX universe. My only question is what's the name of that track that plays when the masked Hunter appears?


Must...see...4th...episode. This is addicting, and incredibly awesome. I can't wait for the 4th.

War... terrible

but i loved this its so touching :( cant wait for the next one


That was one of the best flash movies I have ever seen. The graphics were very well done. The music was very expertly picked. The storyline is very origional and quite entertaining. I loved the way you unfolded your storyline. Your ending was great, it was open enough to keep all of us waiting for the next one, but unlike most open ended endings, it was perfect for the story and will keep people from complaining about how the ending was awful or didnt explain any of the story. I was extremely impressed with the amount of effort and quality that you put in this Flash. I cannot wait for your next few episodes. This will become a great newground series!