Reviews for "Megaman X OLB ep.3"


...I think I'll criticize it. Too short, took too long to change the dialog when people spoke, named the villian with a gay name. Vilemaster? Is that the best you could come up with? Seriously man. Props for the music though, at least that kept me halfway entertained. Tsh.


I like it when someone makes a flash game or movie using sprites
only thing that the sprites seemed a little on the blocky side other wise keep it up

It's not bad.

Hi! It's really good. I like when people use sprites for their movies. Make more and keep up the good work.

I like this seris!

When I first saw the MMX:OLB no. 1 I thought it sucked, but I think your movies are getting better so I gave you a 5. I am actually wanting to see the next one now! I gave you a 5 on all the movies you have submitted. Only bad thing was that one scene were one of the humans is slightly moving, I gave me a bit of a headache. some of the sounds are messed up too. But I like the animation and concept so I gave you a 5


excellent flash work very nice MAKE EP 4 SOON!!!!!