Reviews for "Megaman X OLB ep.3"

pretty damn good

i liked it alot. since i am an just learning about the world of flash i was wondering were you got such awesome backgrounds? do you think you could show me were? thnx

Kaosboy85 responds:

Hey gamer, I'm glad you enjoyed my flash, email me at Kaosboy85@yahoo.com and I'll send you some links to get you set up.

Great Job

Kaos! I just saw you made top five for the day! Congratulations on this, it really is a good movie.
You have improved noticeably on your flash animations, and i really look forward to episode four!

Kaosboy85 responds:

Hey tuna thanks for the review! Yeah I know! Daily 5!! holy CRAP! I seriously submited this flash and left for PA. I can't believe what I came back to! I'll be responding to reviews for the next 2 days:-p See you on the forum


Well, your right...........I dident like the ending . You cant stop there,how do we know what happens to the city ? But good job

Good Flash!!

That was great nice flash work i can't wait for the next one


I've liked your megaman one last breath series and I would like to ask you something, from experience i know of someone who has a cloak over him and who is a maverick hunter, is it Bass. Please message me back

Kaosboy85 responds:

hey sean, sorry for the delay in my response... I'm glad you like the series so far and I'm sorry to say but I can only tell you that the cloak is from a bass sprite but the actual person may, or may not be Bass. You'll have to wait and watch:-p Thanks for the review!