Reviews for "Megaman X OLB ep.3"

2 questions

why would the humans try and defeat them on the ground if their guns do abosolutly shit? not to mention it takes ONE HIT to take out the entire company. all that infantry would be retreating, and the tanks/artillery/air force would be in coming in.

why did that guy make the comment "you'll never win this war", despite the fact that their entire force was hopelessly outmached?

why wouldnt they just send in (whatever the fuck that guys name was, at the end)at the begginning? unless they didnt know him, in which case, they should be surrendering after the "mavrick hunters" were defeated that easily.

ok, that was three questions. hope it helps u make a better story next time. (oh and if u can give me answers i do actaully want to hear them, i might actully enjoi the movie next time, lmao)

Kaosboy85 responds:

Ok the answers...
"ONE HIT" to show the superior power of the clones

"you'll never win this war" because a true soldier never gives up hope even when its lost

Sending the unknown hunter, noone knows he exists, and the hunters shall be surrendering very shortly.

I tried to do everything possible to remove all hope for the humans and the hunters.

No tanks and such because tech the humans were no expecting this attack, but the main reason I didnt have them with weopons/tanks is because I wanted them to be as weak as possible. Hope I was able to answer your questions and that you'll find more enjoyment now from my movie:-p


who is he who is he this is gunna bug me untill i see the next one, so plz hurry i cant wait.

good stuff man, good stuff.


Kaosboy85 responds:

lol sorry for about the cliff hanger, but I had to give you guys a reason to watch the 4th one:-p And I'm sorry to tell you but I was thinking about postign a trailer to tease the viewers more before putting out the actual ep. Thanks for the review!

Good work!

You really kept up with the Mega Man style for the most part. What really made a bad impression on me at first, though, was the text.

Your font is one of the most common in the world and looks nothing like what would appear in Mega Man X. It detached the viewer from the Mega Man world and back into the Flash movie world. I can look beyond the no voices thing, that's fine, but the font was not fitting for the video. Change that, and you're just about spot on!

Kaosboy85 responds:

Hey thanks for the review, I agree, I def do need new text. Do you have any suggestions on what might fit better? (might as well get your perspective since your the viewer:p) email me when you have the chance Thanks!


How does this not have a higher rank? Maybe people don't like cliffhangers, if that is the case i predict that the next episode will be a smash!

Kaosboy85 responds:

Oh well I'll get that higher rank some day, and I promise to make the next one a huge smash!


This series has still keep me interested the whole time. I can't wait to see the man behind the mask. Another good part of this series. I thought that this was...Nice.

Kaosboy85 responds:

Hey whitemag, I'm glad you like it! Thank you very much for the positive incouragment for all of my eps!