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Reviews for "These mistakes (Remastered)"

Even better than before..

But naturally, I'm sure you expected to hear that title for a review.

Awesome - again.

The best has gotten better

This is your most recognizable and best piece of work on this website and every time I come back and listen to it, it amazes me. I'm at a loss for words right now because this is so great. This is truly top notch. I don't know if you'll ever make something as moving as this piece. Excellent.

You left me with my jaw on the floor!

I got back from a really boring/crappy day and I just took a peak at your profile and what did I see? A remastered version of one of my favorite songs on Newgrounds!? This just made my day, really I thank you for this! This remastered version is much better than the original, the clean up at the part where the man speaks is just perfect (I can understand him now!!!). Other than that the glitch drums are just... awesome as usual! I would say that they are your main strengths, but heck everything you make sounds great so... I have no idea why I'm even posting anything! I seem to have boosted your ego by +20


I dont think i can even describe the feeling this song gives me.
It sends me to another place, a place where i can see the beautiful side to life.
I deeply thank you, its simply stunning.
As soon as this song comes onto my play list i have to crank up the volume and just blow my mind away.


its songs like this that make you wish 3-4 mins was aloooooot longer.


So I've been lurking for quite a while now and finally decided to make an account just so I can write a review.

This song is my absolute favorite, it has everything; emotion, beauty and of course it's very catchy. The first time I heard this song was on my friend's iPod while we were walking in the snow so now, every time I listen to it I am transported back into that moment. So for me, your music is not just music, it's also a way to remember. I listen to this song and I can feel the chill of winter, I can smell the snow and I can see the snow gently descending. Everyone of your songs has a certain memory attached to it so all I have to do is listen and remember.

I want to thank you for all of this exquisite music, and I hope you never stop composing. You have what most people don't, natural talent, and you should never stop using it.

Your songs have helped through a lot of bad times and I have never loved any music as much as I love yours.

Thanks again,