Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"

simply beautiful........

flash can be an art form if you try to make it into art....this is a perfect example.that's really all you need. but i'm done yet.......i have to get a few things said out to you guys, and then i'll explain a few things to people who don't get the story.

--first off, i want to apoligize to SamBakZa about my reviews on "There She is!!!" and "There She is!!! Step2." especially Step2(look through my reviews to find them). i think they came out wrong. i didn't know SamBakZa identity until i looked at the website. i'll do it right this time: Thank you, Amalloc, Sogong, and Song-Songwa, for showing us such good flash.....and can't wait for "Step3"

===Warning:Spoilers up ahead===

I'll now explain some things to help people understand what's going on better (i just hope i'm right.....).
Hotfish--i would guess it's some bread treat in the shape of fish....i wonder how it tastes....
Girl Looking at S.A.T. Results--my guess is that those #'s are ID #s of students who passed. she probably didn't find her number anywhere.
Moral--we're all different, in one way or another, whether it's big or small.

If any of these are wrong, someone correct me please.


as i said...

just as i said in all ur movies... THEY'R PERFECT!!! really, good! u should really use your talent, and it really is a talent to be able to make things like these.. "make more!" is all i have left to say...
(and ofcourse a smiley) :)


you've made another great flash. Unlike the previous entries, this one has a deeper meaning to it.


every piece you submit uplifts my heart and gives me hope. keep them coming. At least I know there are some good people left in this word.

Liked it

I really like your flash animations; this one was great as well. Sad thing you had to remove it, but link is there you guys should check it out.