Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"

Hey, people, Cheer Up!

Luckly I foud out tht the movie still on YouTube! Go watch it! its a short movie, but shows, even to those who doesn't understand the song, that, with the words of SamBakZa, we "are all different, little by little..."

One of the bests flashes ever! I love all your works! Thank you for the great moments i spent watching your movies. Thank you a lot!

Bye! o/

PS: Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes. I am brazilian and...

It's to bad

I really wanted to see this flash a lot. I hope you bring it back soon.

I haven't even watch it

why this has to be removed? anyone, let me take a look at this movie please. at least once and you can remove it from anywhere.. i didn't give useless rating, because i know that it's great just like other movies from amalloc. when will you publish the movie again? it's been long time. i hope the **** composer could understand..


I'm gonna go and back up HotTacoSauce's post " Why must the best things on the internet be taken? " I have also seen this flash before. It's a very good flash that also sends a very good message i don't belive anyone has to be Korean to get the message unless people want to understand the music but you said that already ^^; . My Deepest Regrets Amalloc and the SamBakZa team for what has happend i wish i can help in this matter but i don't really know if i can help. I guess all i can do is wish the best of luck to get out of this situation

From: Yoshi

Good luck friend


Shame, you guys put such wonderful messages within your videos, hope it comes back soon, that or I hop that you come out with something better in the future (not that you could do better!). Love the song, and I am really sorry that you could not get this on.

ps, I am still giving it a good score because I have seen it and I think it deserves the score that I would give it if it were still on.