Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"

aww ;(

"THERE SHE IS!!" It is the best movie ever in a history of universe...

I will destroy them!

Tell me where these music-hating creatures are and I shall pulverise them! If they do not let up on their idiodic restrictions they shall be crushed! WMG has gone too far... and nobody has done anything about it, or at least not enough. I say we band together and wipe these money-hoarding assholes from the face of Terra once and for all!

Damn you wmg!

I say this alot on youtube but never here. Its probably not even their fault, but one can never miss a chance to curse the prohibitors of music distribution.

+10 anyways cause anything you make has to be good.

please make more flash

there she is! was the best flash ive seen in a long time. i just found this one and am saddened that i can't watch this. i love your work. please repost!


DAMB THE MAN SHOW YOUR FLASH!!!LOL no no I am only kiddig. I hop everything works out so that we can all see it soon. But thatnks for letting us know what was going on. It really shows how much you really care about your fans. Thanks and once agin I hope it all works out.