Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"

it sucks that this was taken down

its unfair that this happened. its like what the wmg are doing to youtube. legal things remove the best of videos. and we are forced to accept it. the internet is a place people should be able to do what they want, use what they want, and not be caught up in legal things like music. sure there are limits even the internet needs but music should not be one of them.

IggyR calm down

I hate this as much as you do, even though you can go on another site to watch this, this is a very good video but calling the people that caused this assholes wont do anything, it's 2010 and i'm not sure it will be on here again but you never know.

dang i didnt know what there she is!! was.

but its awesome i just wish the could make more episodes

Sorry to see it go...

It is sad that SamBakZa had to remove this from Newgrounds and their home site SamBakZa.net. Legal matters are a pain and they were right to be cautious. The movie was very well done and I enjoyed it while it was available. It is great consolation that removing "HotFish" allowed "There she is!!" to be completed.

Hopefully some day "HotFish" can return to the places it was officially posted.

(Hehe, yeah... I know I'm about 2 years late on this post. ^__^;; )

Damn music haters!

Go here to see the video, with the song:
http://blue.utb.edu/tyi/Funny/hotfish .htm

Had that in my internet history from years ago, haha.