Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"


It was a real shame to hear about this tradgedy, both veterans of this flash and people who haven't even been able to watch it are sad about this too. I still hope that you will be able to show the original movie file soon.

ah man

I never got to see it :( but everyone else seems to like it so I'll still rate


this thing is cool i like it i already watch it on youtube.The music great too

Its a shame its no longer available

I was able to see this animation through You Tube and it was simply great. Well animated and a powerful meaning to present, just like all of their animations. Its a shame that they haven't brought any more new animations, because Newgrounds need more animations like these. Anyways, its probably pointless to post a review after such a long time... 10/10


sucks it was taken own and it rly sucks that i can't read you'r website otherwise i would fave it and everything!! T_T