Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"


why why WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY its a damb shame 10/10 wish i could see it agan


i never see that D: i'm gonna cry T-T i want to see that D:


Because bandwagons are always cooler in caps lock.

But I never got to see this D: SO.... Sadfaic T~T I hope it gets back up soon. I can't vote either way yet, so... a 1/2 will have to do.




I have had some of the same problems with some AMV Movies I have mad in the past, kinda sad too see the Band (makers of the music) Agree to let you use the song, and then there Producers (Signers of the Band) Will not let you. I hope it all works out for you in the end to Complete This saga. I say this cuz I like your work. On day I do Hope to see your work on TV or better (Hulu) Which will help by increasing your Success Rate ^_^.