Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"

i remember this flash, sad to see it gone

Guys, dont be rating this if you never saw it. If you really want to see it it, just go search it on youtube its still up there. Or if you've got the respect for amalloc, and the patience just bookmark it and wait, im sure it will be sooner or later.


It was an great flash animation that came out on my birthday of all days, and then it was removed a year later..... =(

Never got to see it :o

But i would like to please put it back :( also fishy = Cute :)


I never got to see this. Judging by what i did see of yours, I missed out. If some mirical happens and this is viewable again, please let me know.



FUCK! (sums up what everyone is thinking into a single word. Booyeah)