Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"

poor guy

i understand your problem its very hard to use songs without getting a legal document. It is hard to get a hold of the composer and sometimes even impossible. Its a tragedy that this wonderful film has been removed I still love your There She Is series.

arrgh D: i didnt get to watch it even once!

as it said in the title i didnt get to watch it cause im new to newgrouds but have recently finshed watching There She Is! series and would of liked to watch if there is a oh idk a another way to watch it by via youtube or any other media file based website could some one tell me? ill give it a ten thoue because it sounds good from comments and frankly he deserves it


no fair!!! i've seen your talent in animation, and one animation gone is TO MANY!!! bring it back!


Really noble of sambakza!
Seems like a lot of other people would just leave it up anyway.
I had to write a review when I realized what the hotfish were!
They are so good! like pancakes with filling! I had them in Japan. SO FREAKING
anyway, Why I liked this flash:
Consept art- and not just pictures of it, but consept animation, also. cool
it wasnt just a slideshow.
Nice music.


the only reason im reveiwing this is because is saw the youtube version.
there she is!! had the same message just explained better.
if youre wondering why its blocked is because sambakza (the website) evidently
put non- copyright music in it. SamBakZa also has decided to team up with a company in south korea called GDCA. thats part of the problom. rate fair if this helped :3