Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"

Haven't even seen it...

.... But I know it's great, good luck!


trust me... do not deny my words... before "There she is!!" got so big, i enjoyed the first step by itself... as a child it changed the way i saw love and pure intenshens. i will find a way to repay you sambakza... not only will i start a monthly donation when i pass school, i will premote your ideas in the way i live and make my own vids... to my dieing breath, thank you, and i will help you in any mortal way.

I'll endure

I can wait 4 u 2 get copyright on your side.
I'm still giving this an A+.

i agree

i agree w tony son. if only it got "loose" on the interwebs.


I understood the animation very well.

but i didnt take the time to read up on the music lyics in english.

i wish you could "leak" it onto newgrounds though