Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"


I know how this feels..

damn economy...

that makes me mad because economy is crashing AGAIN we cant afford to do hardly anything, i would love to make a donation but sadly all my funds go to BILLS i hate this and i,m sorry, big fan of "there she is" though

I wish I could have seen this...

And I hope you get through all those legal and financial issues. If I could, I would make a donation...Sadly, however, I have no money, and am trying to find work. When I am able to retrieve said monies, I will try to make a donation. Good luck, my friend, good luck.


I understand. There she is was the best video i saw. I cant help but i wish i could. oh and i like the fish. ^.^

I wish I would've seen it....

Amalloc I personally apologize for this, even though I had nothing to do with it. For your, my, and all of NewGround's sake, I hope it will be back very soon. Even though this really isn't a Flash movie but more of an explanation, I'm still giving it a 10 regardless, in the hope that it comes back.