Reviews for "HotFish-SameButDifferent"

Why must the best things on the internet be taken?

I saw this flash when it first came out. After that i decided to follow your flash work. None of your work failed to amaze me. I just wish you could make more. I swear if i get enough money somehow it will go straight to you.
Sambakza can be one of the greatest flash creators to ever be on Newgrounds ever. Hopefully more flash videios like the There She Is!! series appears because that was a masterpiece and deserves to be in some type of Hall of Fame.

Sincerely, HotTacoSauce.
How your life turns out as great as you have made mine.

hope youcan get enough money

fan of the "there she is" series really wish you could get the money you need

It was good

I saw a copy of this on the internet somewhere, and it was really really good :)

I hope it gets back on Newgrounds soon.


Hi, Sam, big fan of there she is.
I feel awful watching this. see, i'm in college right now and i don't have a job. I wish i could help, but I can't right now.
However, I promise you this, Should I Ever come into contact with a good spare sum of money. Know that my financial support is headed your way. In the meantime, if there is anything else i can do, let me know. you have my full moral support my fellow newgrounds brother. I wish you Luck, Friend.

this economy sucks

i have nothing more to say.