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Reviews for "FF7 - Those who Fight Faster"

Oh YES! Let get into BATTLE!!

Oh yes! I love this theme, It greatest theme... To enter battle and fight! It like a Rush you can't get out of it! Great job getting it. :)

hmmm... lulz.

ah the good old hour long fight with emerald weapon really pounded this song into my brain... but i still love it! nice job!


Sweet! NOSTALGIE i freaking love'd the game

Awesome, this is going in my next YouTube video

This will make some great background music, rated 5 and 10. I hope you remix more FF7 songs :D. You will recieve credit, don't worry, PM me in 5 days or so and then it should be up

Uh, wow. I had no idea Oney was such a kickass arranger. <3