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Reviews for "FF7 - Those who Fight Faster"

was expectin it to be more... upbeat...

and another thing,
dont mean to diss tho,
its a great remix but...
sounds the same but with a lil drum and bass,
so sorry dude but its half marks but i'll give you a 3 vote for the effort with a already good song...
aint heard your second one yet,
i'm goin there now


It's good, don't get me wrong......it's just that the speed of it kinda makes some of it run together and ruins the awesomness. And it does seem like it's just the original sped up, with no additions. I ain't good with music, so I can't really tell...

I semi-agree with sty2000

It does sound like the original (PC ver.) sped up. I don't agree with the score he gave though.

jus me but

this sounds like the original just sped up.....
eh prolly why it has such a high review