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Reviews for "FF7 - Those who Fight Faster"

good work

Song was pretty good however slightly inaccurate such as some of the violin runs you were missing, but I think you definitely spent good time on this and came extremely close to the original. Would have probably selected a few different sounds. I liked the little break beat type thing you had in the back even though its not really my style, it works for this.


this is amazing! the best FF song ive heard on ng ever! i agree with CrazieQuad about the battle, exept for the part where they appear every 5 steps! x.x

*Screen Freeze* *SWOOOOSH*

Heh, loved it. In the end, I suppose its just a higher tempo and a beat added here or there, but that minor change certainly made it sound pretty action packed. Listening to it for the first time, i can just picture a battle scene going on my head.

Great Work Oney. Maybe anotother remix is in order?

Holy crap,

Instantaneous flash back. Thanks for posting this, really brought back some old memories that I liked (and some not so savory ones as well >_> )
In my opinion, the only way to make this better than it is currently is to add the first five or six seconds of the Victory Fanfare XD

Time to kick some ass!

Damn this is almost as good as the remake if not better. I like the fast paced drums kind of like a fight scene from The Matrix. Well...not a good example but you get the idea the song kicks ass!