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Reviews for "FF7 - Those who Fight Faster"


best fuckin move to use against any opponent and they'll drop dead....quicker than a hooker in an alley near a Nevada highway.



Man does these song remind me of FFVII, i love the game and i have to give you credit man, this song is the BEST!!!

Fantastic work dude.

You made m remember how fun that game was and the great battle in it. You ave great talent not only as a flash artist but also as an all around artist. Once again you rock!!

*Screen Freeze* *SWOOOOSH*

Heh, loved it. In the end, I suppose its just a higher tempo and a beat added here or there, but that minor change certainly made it sound pretty action packed. Listening to it for the first time, i can just picture a battle scene going on my head.

Great Work Oney. Maybe anotother remix is in order?


Dude, this is just epic. The upbeat tune just does it for me. You really did an amazing job. Keep it up! ^_^