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Reviews for "FF7 - Those who Fight Faster"

To think, I used to hate this song.

This is probably the best rebirth of any of the FF7 songs I've heard to date. The old just got on my nerves. Were walking...and walking...UH NO, random battle. lol, good job Oney!


Brings back memories.

was expectin it to be more... upbeat...

and another thing,
dont mean to diss tho,
its a great remix but...
sounds the same but with a lil drum and bass,
so sorry dude but its half marks but i'll give you a 3 vote for the effort with a already good song...
aint heard your second one yet,
i'm goin there now

Awesome remix!

Wow this is awesome

It's such a great remix!


I can tell that you put some real effort into this.