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Reviews for "FF7 - Those who Fight Faster"

...wtf u talkin about?

this is absolutely amazing, tbh i think the theme shouldve been faster like this, this shouldve been put into the game! and i got no idea what other people are on...if so i want some of it, it does sound like the original, but not by that much, its just added stuff to the original, more enhanced shall i say. it does NOT sound EXACTLY like the original, and it doesnt sound that much faster then the original, i can barely tell if its faster at all if this was ment to be on PC that is...otherwise on the ps1/ps3 it is indeed faster, which is what it shouldve been.

nice job on the remix man, respect.

this is good

sounds close enough to the original yet has enough tweaks to be a remix. Very enjoyable to listen to. thank you oney for adding more amazing to newgrounds

I semi-agree with sty2000

It does sound like the original (PC ver.) sped up. I don't agree with the score he gave though.


It's good, don't get me wrong......it's just that the speed of it kinda makes some of it run together and ruins the awesomness. And it does seem like it's just the original sped up, with no additions. I ain't good with music, so I can't really tell...


it kinda sounds like its a boss battle?!? i think the game had a faster ver. of the song in it?!? i dont remember.... ether way its a good song good job>>>