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Reviews for "FF7 - Those who Fight Faster"

songs is indeed awesome but...

all you did was take the song and speed it up dont get me qrong it sounds great but its lacking originality add other things to trully make it yiur own


E-mail this awesom tune i bet theyll even like it! This is like the best remix ever made except maybe the chocobo remix theme




This is teh best remix of FF7 I have ever heard in a long time..... downloaded to mp3 and 10/10.


This is a great remix! The notes all clashed greatly, theres nothing really bad to say about this song. It was a great idea to speed the song up a bit and i think it makes the song better. The drums are what stands out the most in this song though. They made the song a lot more energetic and pumping. Great remix and I hope you make more like these songs. How come this isn't in the top songs yet?
Sinerely Yours,
P.S. All I thought you were good at was destroying my childhood from the sicksons and spongebob sickpants (or whatever its called lol). Now I see you have musical talent too. Great job!