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Reviews for "Dynasty of Destiny - BrixXMich"


this is amzing well done just just wow havent heard somthin like this in ages great team work hopefully we will hear more from you 2

BrixXMich responds:

Well you'll definitely hear more int he future! Thanks for the support!


Man you two are awesome together! Im really digging this one! You both pushed your limits and came up with an amazing trance song! Im DANG impressed! Downloading this one for sure and putting it on my mp4 =). The pads are amazing wow you both are getting way better =O.


Keep it up =).
(make more collabs)

BrixXMich responds:

Thanks for the great review! And yes, we will collab again =)
Also thanks for the great score =)

Wow, bass ^^

Oh my god, the bass in this is so good. Apart from the rest of the song being an awesome trance piece, the bass is just freaking epic! Could ya tell me how you did it?

lol, you should make more collabs

BrixXMich responds:

The bass is a z3ta+, and nicely sidechained, Brittany made that one with her awesome skills.
I hope you know how to do sidechaining, otherwies I can explain it to you sometime.

Thanks for enjoying it! And yes, we'll make more collabs in the future. :)
(sorry for the late response)

Good enaugh to download! :D

And I rerly download songs from NG. Nicly done dude, I hope to see more of your work later on! :D

BrixXMich responds:

Glad to hear you like it :)
btw, we're a dude and a girl. :p (Collab)
Thanks for reviewing!

Not gonna lie

Didn't listen to the whole song lol just the first sample. I used it to start off heaven rd. 3 XD

<3 vengeance.

BrixXMich responds:

yeah, like everyone else pointed out >_<
You could at least take some time to listen to the song instead of just the first sample :p
Thanks for the review anyway :p