Reviews for "Cthoolou"

Me likes

This was a damn funny cartoon, much like all of yours. I am always lookign for new cartoosn by you, especially the Grim Reaper Show, not to be an ass and sound like I am rushing you. But whens the next one coming?? Anyways, great cartoons, stupid politics make me laugh.
(poli)-many (tics)- blood sucking mites.

Call of Cthulhu

sweet loved it... and all it demi godness haha


Who cares if you guys spelled Cthulhu wrong? The concept was really funny:) I loved the little annoying theological guy.

I have a question.

I know I'm sounding completly idiotic here, but who IS Cthulu?
I know he is mythical, like Zeus and all those, but what role does he
play? I'm just completly lost in all this Cthulu commotion.

Lose 1d6 sanity, gain understanding of humor

Heheh, that was great. Started out damn creepy like it should. Then you used the tension to make me laugh... my favorite part would have to be when the, um, top-left-squeaky-voice face went all existential. And the lower-left face vomited some insignificant dirty rock. Thanks a bunch!