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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"

damn this sucked..

whats the point with this game??.. the person who made the game guessed all those celebritys bra sizes.. coz those sizes aren't true.
really stupid game

this sucked

i couldn't get this shit to go past da first gurl


This sucks its way too long christ 100 difrent women do think we have the time to go out and guess a womens bra size no we dont so if your addicted too guessings someones bra size then go guess your mothers you sick fuck so edit this and make it shorter cause 100 women takes too long!

this is insulting

I think its gross. who will play a game about boobs? I`ve noticed something creepy: mostly boys play this. Ooh, you are creepy. I am not sexist. Most people (I have seen with my own eyes, ever since PenisMcPenis) on newgrounds are people with no life, and all they have to do is look at girl`s privates. That is so perverted. I think the walrus is too obsessed with girl`s privates. Wow, isn`t it odd? Mostly boys play these. Only some people are OK. Well, I think its weird. THE WALRUS! Please don`t make more. You, basically, are a perverted CREEP! miskuman said he was the "boobmaster". if anyone`s the boobmaster, its me, because I AM A GIRL. Please, I hate these girl insulting games. (It`s going to be hard to find a boyfriend if people all over are perverted.)


I totally agree with Emma 7000 what's with you guys playing this game will make you rich then ur wrong!