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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"


The concept of the game is kind of fun. I don't know if any other women have played the game (I am one) and I think the bra sizes here are really fucked up. If men are confused - well, I'm a woman and I wear the bloody things, and so am I! I think some women likely lie. There's no way Dolly Parton is 42DD. Her CUP size is big, so DD is probably correct, but her BUST size isn't, she is quite thin, meaning the number oughta be a lot less than it is!

Mind you, this was created by men by the look of it, so I dunno what the heck I expected, lol. At least it had some pretty boobies.


how are you supposed to guess what their bra size is if you have this bar over their boobs. shall i recall from memory what thier breast look like in my mind? its not like most of these are nude pics anyway, so whats the point of the bar. also i'd like to know how creditable these sizes are? you ask them personally or do you know someone on the inside or do you just have a lot of fucking time on your hands... or something else. thanks

what the hell was that

i had more fun bouncing my head off the wall asking my self why this thing was even made.


it wont fukking load

Zipperfish is old now all the same themes

Zipperfish needs to start a new type of flash games / movies celebs are old and been done to much.