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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"

im good at this game

if i can get a 70 on this game, anybody can beat it

it was okay

hint: none of them are a

Pretty good

enjoyed playing this game lol

100? Man i like boobs but with 100

question i want to see something naked....

but think real my friend... What Newgrounder would do 100 question? i think if you do a quiz again i suggest 50-or below...

follow the example of your pussy or ____? quiz

Thoughts during movie (in movie-logical order)

"Okay... her boobs are... yay! First try!...
Man, this is kinda tough- her boobs are WHAT??...
Ooh! A Brandi! Well I got it right last night...
I suck at this... Ooh! another black girl, got it!... NOOO!!... Okay, whew, got Dolly Parton's right... and Pam's too, that's just the biggest sized option... Who'da thought that THESE were the sizes??!!... TV is false advertising!!... I can't get hers wrong, She one of my favorites!... Another favorite wrong... I have shamed myself..... Yeah yeah, I know I suck... at boobs. I'm more of a booty kinda guy, but I don't know how he could make a game outta that...boobies."