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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"

Not Fair!

There's no such thing as size 33 (or any odd number for that matter!) in England. I got loads wrong due to that.


Although these games are pretty fun Walrus, please make some more YAAFM, it's the first series you made and they are really fucking funny.

~~Peace out

wow..so many questions

well this was...okay I guess...not really amusing...and by question 30 i was just like "omg 70 more...forget it"..I liked your other quizzes more...do this if your relatively bored and have alot of time...overall this submission was just average

44 ms silverstone award.

Some tough game. unless joor female or study the female anatomy. good game as always a 4 fer joo!

Lol... could only get 40....

Good game this, i was really bored, kept me going a bit...