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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"


it was good but it got boring....i scored 29 =P


it was cool but would of been better if you can ACTUALLY show the full body
for that it a 8/10


i thought it was good but it would have been easier and better if you could see their breasts.

no way

i got 59 right but after the first 20 i got bored as hell and just pressed random stuff i will not be able to guess the boob sizes unless i can see them!!!!!!!.

overall zipperfish being a great nudey game maker lol.... u dissapoint us.

Not terribly exciting.

I don't see why the boobs were hidden until after a choice was made, as 2/3 of the time I'd have still got them wrong anyway. 100 sets of celebrity boobs was far too many to sustain interest as it just. kept. going. The announcer was pretty good though, as always