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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"

WoW!! Walrus you make celebritie boobs fun again.

Just kidding. This game blows.How the hell am i supposed to guess the size of a boob when you cover up the picture. I got a score of 55 and you called me a lazy mexican like Daisy Fuentes. If I was mexican I would have been offended by that. Most of these chicks I dont even know and why the hell did you do Uma Thurman twice. This game was such a waste of a lot of time. Plus i dont know any third graders that could guess 55% of chicks boobs sizes out of a hundred. Also is that a real comment by Gene Simmons cause if it is.... Who the hell cares that guy is a money grubbing prick with no talent and KISS is the worst band ever. Stop making crappy boob and vagina games and just tell me where the hell I can get those pictures of Lindsy lohan's boob poping out.

40% ouch.......

This game makes me realize Ive been missing out on a ton of celebrity funbags. I think I shall retire to a mountain peak with nothing but an E! channel subscription......and perhaps some Playboys....

I never knew...

wow, so many boobs...how'd u find all the different sizes?

well well well

nice to see your up and animating again but really you need to up your game yaafm very good i dint belive this was your work till i saw the zipperfish logo and if its some turd using your logo then fuck him but if its you man go back to good ideas that are amusing and give us a laugh when we are so down that not even boobs and porn can cheer us up i wait to see if you produce a master piece or another peice of crap

Funny but really boring

Good idea but just really boring. Its hard to guess their boob size when you cant see their boobs and theres way to many levels. Funny you just really overdid it.