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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"

Very Fun And Addictive!

Me and my girlfriend sat here and tried to beat this game for almost an hour!
Very funny voice you used in this too man. All around this is a great game!
And for Ema7000, you do realize newgrounds is full of low-life assholes who enjoy these sorts of things and that most males are going to be attracted to this sort of game.

this is insulting

I think its gross. who will play a game about boobs? I`ve noticed something creepy: mostly boys play this. Ooh, you are creepy. I am not sexist. Most people (I have seen with my own eyes, ever since PenisMcPenis) on newgrounds are people with no life, and all they have to do is look at girl`s privates. That is so perverted. I think the walrus is too obsessed with girl`s privates. Wow, isn`t it odd? Mostly boys play these. Only some people are OK. Well, I think its weird. THE WALRUS! Please don`t make more. You, basically, are a perverted CREEP! miskuman said he was the "boobmaster". if anyone`s the boobmaster, its me, because I AM A GIRL. Please, I hate these girl insulting games. (It`s going to be hard to find a boyfriend if people all over are perverted.)


i got 100/100 but you should remove the braw if you guess it right ... other than that whats the point of this?


i got 99 out of a 100 :D! only one i missed...pairis hiltion XD

I got...

69, what a weird number to get, hmmmm... Kinda unfair at some points, should've left out the bars to properly test someone. :/