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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"

What can I say?

It's one from the Walrus.. As usual, mostly photographs. But his art style is really sleek and nice. The quiz itself was quite large. I found myself doing rather poorly. I realized halfway through that I was playing a guessing game on celebrity bra sizes, and felt someone cheap. Oh well, it's all in fun.

As for the WAADD.. If you're serious about it, way to go. Good luck with it.

good i guess

i liked your "your a f$*king moron "series alot better. after the "troys top 10 nips" well anyway i started figuring maybe your a perverted guy. i hate pervertes , sure i love girls , but man its too much sumtimes. maybe you need to go out some more , and actually have girls more than to visualize, some of these celebritys i didnt know , id say alot. which is why i could figure out their braw size.sure some where evident as others hard. but geting to the going out thing. i could be wrong , maybe you like a super pimp and all. but hey whatever. i love your stuff , and this dont make it any diffrent, its a hell of a job , i mean 20-40 pics sounds over whealming. and im happy i got to be almost first in line to review your work.


It freezes on Tyra Banks

There's a glitch in the game. Every time I've gotten to 94/100 (Tyra Banks), it stops. Regardless of what I do, it won't go on. Get it fixed and it'll probably end on the front page!

very nice job

only problem i could see was that when you press "Play Again", the music overlaps itself and keeps playing. but nice job.


Its so great to see a dino picture at one of your movies!