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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"

pretty good

i dont know shit about bra sizes but this was fun


That shit was hilarious. I failed miserably at it, maybe because I'm female, but I got the Whitney Houston award. Whoo hoo. That was quite creative, and all. I didn't know who 75% of the women were, but it was fun. And did Gene Simmons actually say that or is it to make this game look good?


The game was great, had a whole fun trying to guess those size, got on my nerves near the end since i dont know squat about bra size i just care what the bras are holding and the feeling of them in my ha......Ok lets get serious.

Graphic was original as always and average for a popquiz form of flash. Sounds, click, click, click, click. Yeah cant expect much from a quiz but it still counts, Interactivity, well this was fully based on user interaction when answering the questions and all, repetitive but thats the way it is. Style, pretty fair added the nice little touch to those breast buttons and you got me sitting infront of my comp watching numerous hot and sexy ladies late night. Humor, that beginning intro sure had some.
So yeah again a good work for ya not supposed to be easy for everyone since not all of us ever worked at a bra factory or are even intrested in bras in general but it was a fun game. Keep it up

damn walrus

that shit was fucking great...u kick ass and balls at the same time

I got a 47!!

I always look forward to your next submission, keep up the good work.