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Reviews for "What's Her Bra Size?:Quiz"

Eye Candy Indead

Waste of time but who wouldn't want to waste their time looking at beautiful women.

not very good

i was expecting sum celeb nudes but there wernt pretty challenging game though

Pretty good

The black bar complicates matters. It's hard to guess a woman's bra size if you've never even seen her before. Plus, the little differences between the bra sizes makes it a little too hard. There's a slight difference between 34b and 32c, but that's a difference that's hard to notice.
Very funny though.. but I sucked at it.. I got Alicia Silverstone.. yet I concider myself pretty good at telling bra sizes, I buy my own for christ's sakes..

dammit i scored 41

fun game but very hard. would be easier if the breasts weren't totally blanked out but i guess thats the point. also, you managed to find 100 "famous" women, about 25 of which I've never heard of, but there was no Angelina Jolie! what kind of man makes a quiz about 100 pairs of breasts and leaves out Angelina Jolie?


if knowing boobs means knowing every single female celeb like a werd stalker that mght be right, there boobs are blocked out to even guess what size they are, all we see is a censor, i can guess boob size if there isnt a black bar across them