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Reviews for "Miss"

People don't appreciate art like they used to.

EnactJudo responds:


you jelly bro?

oh man this is precious hahahah its soo funny man why the fuck you didint told me about this hahahah

hahahahahah i know one day someone would give a fuck about your hating man but i support you bro keep making more of these i love it hahahaha

you really got some free time on your hands

EnactJudo responds:

oh yes Kermit shit on my ballsack


If you could draw as well as you criticize other peoples work then you would be a decent drawer but, Each to his own as they say.

EnactJudo responds:

More to my own skill that I let on here, but that isn't to say I'm glad to have an eye for things.

Wait why am I acknowledging your review? What I meant to say was I was really mad at your post and you're a huge faggot.



EnactJudo responds:


oh c'mon

I have to admit your drar'wing made me lol, but his anthro art wasn't all that bad. It was a character he drew from his beginnings as an artist. I personally liked it, but the nose wasn't ginormous on his character. The second version mixed with her expression made it work IMO. He didn't even have to put lipstick on her : P

as for the rating, all I can see rendered is uglified breasts and collarbones. Not like the properly proportioned arms and torso in his work.

EnactJudo responds:

You're right, I drew this porker real ham-handedly. Don't hold it against me; I don't want any beef.