Reviews for "Mario Bros. 3 1-2 (1up)"


that was pretty good for a beginner.it was so funny keep up the good work.

Yoshi-1up responds:



This was a very awesome flash man! If only there could be more like you... paradise...

Its great

Are you sure that is your first flash movie. That looked way to good to be a first. But i liked it.

*laughing hard*

I like it when Yoshi is coming in and out of the pipes. Does his go-kart have hidraulics or something because it seems to be acting strangely like it does have hidraulics. 10 for the Humor. The 3D Yoshi is huge comparing to the Mario Bros. And I like the Yoshi Story song. 10 for that, too. I also gave you all 10's because I'm a monsterous (Bigger than huge) Mario fan. Excellent job.


this was so funny but i have 1 question.... how did yoshi go from 8bit to 64 bit?