Reviews for "Mario Bros. 3 1-2 (1up)"


Its me! The person who made that walking kirby sprite.. I liked ur flash. How did u zoom into the Characters? its soo cool Please gimme some tips on my Kriby srpite. Thanks

Yoshi-1up responds:

oh hey :D, i can teach u but ull have to talk to me on AIM. IM me (Miroku San IX)

Keep Em Coming,Theyre Great!

Even Better Than The Newer One ^_^

Yoshi-1up responds:

really?! XDDD then add it to your favorites too! hehe ^o^


loved it

i gave gave it a full 10 our of 10, hope u make another 1 soon


And who says physical humor is a lost art? That REALLY made me laugh. Great use of sprites, and the rendering at the end was awesome.

...this one was pretty

I think Yoshi got his point across...I love pipes!! They are so cool and I liked them ever since I was 4, and I'm 16 now, so yea, that's 12 years of liking pipes, but good work dude!