Reviews for "Mario Bros. 3 1-2 (1up)"


I just loooooooooved the sound, graphics and all others especally 3D Yoshi!

Yoshi-1up responds:



Oh.... Your.... God....
YOU RULE!!! ^.^

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Well thats new

That was cool although the ending was sorta out of place but i love how you used those sounds well cool

Yoshi-1up responds:

the ending WAS in place.... <_< *SLAP*

its funny cuz its true

it just proves that mario is an idiot and luigi is smart, but in the end yoshi is always better than both of them combined

Yoshi-1up responds:

lol :o

I liked it

I was wondering why was Mario 8-bit fashioned until the end.
Good humor too, way to go.

Yoshi-1up responds:

thanks alot @_@