Reviews for "Mario Bros. 3 1-2 (1up)"


Make more of these because your good at this, keep it going =D

I Like how there was more Luigi than Mario because mostly theres all mario and luigi is off somewhere but this one was oppisite =D

*Nice Yoshi graphix! He Ownz* rating 9 is nothing to be achamed of =D


let this rating represent both movies and may i say the rocked but should be a LOT longer.

I gotta see it again!

This movie made me laugh my ass off so hard it's unbeleivable, the part where yoshi just kept going through the pipes and then kept landing on mario, well it adds up its fuking hilarious! Make a sequel! God this was funny!

Woah! Wild Yoshi!

Awesome job. That's all I need to say.

Great job!!!

I am glad you chose the 64 bit yoshi from super smash bros as the entrance pic.

This movie is cool and a little funny.

Yoshi-1up responds:

Glad you liked the entrance piccy! lol.